Parent Support Group

Vision and Purpose

The primary goal of Speld Qld’s Parent Support Group is to bring parents together in a safe and supportive environment to share knowledge in a way that empowers parents to be the best advocate they can be for their child.

The group seeks to share stories and experiences in a way that respects all stakeholders and seeks positive ways forward to help parents as they navigate their child’s schooling.  This in turn has a positive influence over the experiences of our children with learning differences such as dyslexia.

This group provides a safe place for parents to:

  • share their stories and to seek advice and help from other parents
  • seek information about the services Speld Qld can provide to their family and to their school
  • seek advice about supports and services available within and outside of schools
  • be surrounded by a supportive culture that helps to empower parents to best advocate for their child
  • discuss problems with the view of finding solutions


Code of Conduct

  • Communication must be respectful at all times, remembering the diversity of our members and the different journeys that they are on
  • Confidentiality is key to the safety and well-being of not only our members, but the schools and staff who work with our children
  • No schools, teachers or students names can be mentioned
  • Discussions that occur within the group are not to be shared outside of the group.
  • The use of harassing, discriminating, bullying or intimidating behaviours towards any member of the community will not be tolerated
  • Speld Qld is not responsible for the opinions of individuals within the group
  • If a member breeches these expectations, it may result in them being asked not to return.

Speld Qld’s Parent Support Group meets virtually once per month and is facilitated by Rachel Leslie and attended by at least 1 staff member of Speld Qld. 

Parent Support Group meetings are conducted online, using the Zoom platform. These are live meetings and will not be recorded.  


Meeting Dates

Term 1 2022

Wednesday March 16  @ 6:30pm

Click on this Zoom Link at the time of the meeting to join the event.

Term 2 2022

Wednesday May 18 @ 7:00pm

Click on this Zoom Link at the time of the meeting to join the event.