C-Pen Reader

  • C-Pen Reader
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The C-Pen Reading and the C-Pen Exam Pens enable users to easily access texts within books, forms, on worksheets and exam papers. All the user needs to do is simply turn the C-Pen on and scan the text they would like to be read aloud to them.

All C-Pens comewith a sleek set of headphones so the user can listen to text anywhere they wish to read.

The printed text is read by a high quality naturally speaking American or British English, Spanish or French voice.



This fantastic product allows the user to access features, such as;

  • text saver - chunks of text can be scanned and saved for future reference,
  • text-to-voice - the words read read as the user scans across them,
  • word definitions - utilises Oxford and Collins dictionaries,
  • voice memos - important thoughts and notes can be recorded through the microphone,
  • usb drive - files can be easily transferred back and forth with a computer without any additional software (suitable for Windows, MAC and Linux),
  • micro-usb - for easy charging, and
  • headphone connectivity - for privacy and silence. 


Suitable for Left and Right Handed operators

In Settings, the device can be set to operate as either left or right-handed mode. The display simply “switches” to an upside down interface. The operating buttons are now to the right hand side of the user as is the scanning window. Resetting it, just hold the unit in the left hand, scroll to Right-handed and press OK. All the menu item options are that simple to operate and learn. This means a class set (of ten that are available as a separate product *) or a single C-Pen can be shared amongst students or colleagues. No need for tech support! It might be siblings who are sharing it with mum or dad.

* Please contact our office if you would like more information about ordering a class set.



This product is more suitable for exams, with some features removed (such as - dictionary and data storage).


Speld Qld offers a FREE demonstration before purchase.  If you would like to arrange a demonstration on how the C-Pen could work for you please email assistive@speld.org.au to arrange a suitable time.


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cPens are a gst-exempt item