Guide to Explicit & Direct Instruction

  • Guide to Explicit & Direct Instruction
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The value and use of explicit instruction to improve academic outcomes is explored across a range of settings and subject areas. Incorporating compelling evidence from the cognitive sciences, the writers include: Kris Boulton; Greg Ashman; Gethyn Jones; Tom Needham; Lia Martin and Amy Coombe; Naveen Rivzi; Hannah Stoten; John Blake; Sarah Barker; Summer Turner; Sarah Cullen and Zig Englemann. Editor: Adam Boxer.

ResearchED is an educator-led organisation with the goal of bridging the gap between research and practice. This accessible and punchy series, overseen by founder Tom Bennett, tackles the most important topics in education, with a range of experienced contributors exploring the latest evidence and research and how it can apply in a variety of classroom settings.

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Bundle of 5 books includes:

  1. Guide to Explicit & Direct Instruction
  2. Guide to Education Myths
  3. Guide to Literacy
  4. Guide to Assessment
  5. Guide to The Curriculum