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This series of 10 books follows the adventures of Erin, while she babysits her younger brother.

Book 1: A Great Holiday (sequence: ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ay)

Book 2: The Search Begins (sequence: ee, ea, y, e, ie, e-e, ei)

Book 3: Rainbow Fish (sequence: ow, oa, oe, o-e, o)

Book 4: On with the Search (sequence: ur, er, ir, or, ear)

Book 5: A Long Way Down (sequence: ow, ou & oi, oy)

Book 6: A Gruesome Monster (sequence: oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u)

Book 7: Time is Running Out (sequence: igh, ie, i-e, i, y)

Book 8: An Awful Planet (sequence: or, ore, a aw, awe, au, ar, al, ough)

Book 9: No Time to Spare (sequence: air, are, ear, ere, eir)

Book 10: Dark Times (sequence: air, are, ear, ere, eir)


Also available is the Workbook full of teaching resources that complement the stories in the Rescue Series. The pages can be photocopied and provide activities for blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension.