Beginner Readers (Ages 2 - 6)

Phonics based readers for all age levels

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Dandelion Launchers: Units 1-7

$80.00 Member | $80.00 Non-Member

A set of 28, simple, decodable books that introduce the initial sounds of the alphabet.

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Dandelion Launchers: Units 8-10

$80.00 Member | $80.00 Non-Member

A set of 12 books that introduce consonant blends.

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Dandelion Launchers: Unit 11-15

$135.00 Member | $135.00 Non-Member

A set of 20 books that introduce consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, wh, ng and qu.

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Dandelion Launchers: Tell a Story Books

$45.00 Member | $45.00 Non-Member

A set of 6 wordless books, for Kindergarten and Prep children.

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