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Rules Rule

$29.70 Member | $33.00 Non-Member

Did you know that 85% of English words follow one of the 45 spelling rules presented in this book. Available in a Home version or School version.

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Sound Hearing

$14.85 Member | $16.50 Non-Member

Available in a Home version or School version. The book contains a phonological awareness test to determine the correct starting level, and then a series of auditory exercises which involve identifying and manipulating the sounds in speech, which is necessary for success in learning to read and spell.

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Dandelion Readers Units 11-20

$65.00 Member | $65.00 Non-Member

Two parallel sets of 10 books, that sequentially introduce the consonant diagraphs: ch, sh, th, ck, ng, qu, ve, wh and simple two-syllable words.

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Understanding Learning Difficulties: A Practical Guide

$49.50 Member | $55.00 Non-Member

A practical teaching guide which explains the various types of learning difficulties and offers explicit teaching methods and accommodations .

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Writing Creatively

$24.75 Member | $27.50 Non-Member

A systematic program designed to develop students' written expression skills. The books is divided into 4 parts: - activities for developing oral expression - ‘10 minutes a day’ exercises to develop vocabulary and sentence structures - planning activities - additional ideas to encourage and give students...

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Naughty Words

$18.00 Member | $20.00 Non-Member

Beautiful and fun illustrations of these original mnemonics are designed to help students remember the spelling of tricky by frequently used words. e.g. There: Tall horses eat red eels

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Phonic Books

$0.00 Member | $0.00 Non-Member

A range of full colour decodable reading books, photocopiable workbooks and resources at various prices.

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