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Acrylic Lowercase Letters

$31.50 Member | $35.00 Non-Member

Plastic lowercase letters, in a drawstring bag. The set contains the letters a – z, an additional set of vowels and extra f, l, s, t and z. (36 pieces)

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Twist N Write Pencil (with refill)

$10.80 Member | $12.00 Non-Member

Unique fishbone designed pencil forces correct tripod grip for small hands

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Acrylic Uppercase Letters

$18.00 Member | $20.00 Non-Member

Plastic uppercase letters, in a drawstring bag. (26 pieces)

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Acrylic Numbers

$13.50 Member | $15.00 Non-Member

A set of plastic numbers from 0 – 9, in a drawstring bag. (2 of each number. 20 pieces)

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Clever Chook kit

$87.30 Member | $97.00 Non-Member

Kit including 56 page instruction book of games and time-saver resources.

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