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Coloured Overlay

$12.60 Member | $14.00 Non-Member

Can be preferable in a number of cases, where co-ordination problems make it difficult to move a reading ruler down the page to track text; or when both hands are engaged while text is being followed.

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Eye Level Reading Ruler

$6.75 Member | $7.50 Non-Member

The Eye Level Reading Ruler is a coloured overlay text highlighter. Simply read the text through either of the tinted plastic strips of your selected colour, and track down the page: broad strip for paragraphs; narrow strip for single lines. Available colours: Blue, Green, Aqua, Rose, Purple, Yellow. Price: $3.75 each...

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Acrylic Lowercase Letters

$31.50 Member | $35.00 Non-Member

Plastic lowercase letters, in a drawstring bag. The set contains the letters a – z, an additional set of vowels and extra f, l, s, t and z. (36 pieces)

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Twist N Write Pencil (with refill)

$10.80 Member | $12.00 Non-Member

Unique fishbone designed pencil forces correct tripod grip for small hands

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Pencil Grips

$10.00 Member | $10.00 Non-Member

Various shapes to help achieve correct pencil grip.

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C-Pen Reader

$365.75 Member | $385.00 Non-Member

C-Pen's are totally portable, pocket-sized devices that read text out aloud, with a human-like digital voice. They are designed to promote independent learning and are major technological breakthroughs for any student suffering from reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.

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Acrylic Uppercase Letters

$34.65 Member | $38.50 Non-Member

Plastic uppercase letters, in a drawstring bag. (26 pieces)

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