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iPad Apps to Support Creativity View Resource

iPad Apps to Support Creativity

A Guide to Educational iPad Apps View Resource

A guide to Educational iPad Apps

App Wheel View Resource

Many iPad apps are available to support learners with reading and writing difficulties. This ‘Wheel of Apps’ is not comprehensive, but attempts to identify relevant apps and to categorise them according to some of the difficulties faced by people with dyslexia.

Parent Guide — Apple ID for Students View Resource

This guide provides an overview for parents and guardians on how to manage an Apple ID for Students on iOS devices such as iPad. It also includes important registration information that will allow student access to necessary classroom content.

AssistiveTechnology Solutions View Resource

This is a series of videos created through Place Stories by Speld Qld.

Guide: Which app to use? View Resource

Unsure how to navigate through the thousands of apps available? Don't know which apps could help your child with their school work? Check out the Speld Qld App Guide to help make your decision a little easier, using some of the tried and tested apps by our Assistive Technology Team.

Dyslexie Font View Resource

The typeface Dyslexie is a revolutionary font, designed to simplify life for those who have dyslexia. With a heavy base line, alternating stick/tail lengths, larger-than-normal openings, and a semi-cursive slant, the dyslexia font ensures that each character has a unique form.

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