Specific Learning Differences

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Effective Reading Instruction - IDA

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2018 Speld Qld Annual Report

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When a pupil begins a reading programme it is important to assess where the pupil is at, what knowledge and skills he/she has acquired and what he/she needs to learn. It is also useful to observe his/her reading strategies. This will inform the teacher where to start and what to focus on.

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It’s one thing to read about learning and attention issues. It’s another thing to see them through your child’s eyes. Experience firsthand how frustrating it is when your hand won’t write what your brain is telling it to. Or how hard it is to complete a simple task when you have trouble focusing. Use these unique simulations and videos to better understand your child’s world.

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Connecting the Dots Understanding Dyslexia | Launch Report May 2017 This report aims to give a concise and unique overview of dyslexia from the perspective of dyslexic people themselves.

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