Student Workshops

Dyslexia in a 'Sea of Strengths'

Target Audience and Length

This workshop was designed for children and adolescents formally diagnosed with dyslexia by a qualified psychologist. It will be offered in group format according to age (one group for ages 7-11 and one group for ages 12-17). This workshop was designed to take approximately 90 minutes. About 60 minutes will be with just the kids; parents will be invited in for the final 15-30 minutes.

Purpose and Content

It's only natural for children with dyslexia and other learning disorders to wonder why they struggle, to feel confused, and to get down on themselves. Because of their struggles, they are at greater risk for developming low self-esteem, anxiety, and other psychological problems. It is therefore important that young people with dyslexia are helped along the path of forming a healthy, positive, realistic, and balanced sense of self. This session was designed to assist young people:

  1. to better understand what dyslexia is and is not in the context of the 'Sea of Strengths' model of dyslexia;
  2. to develop their resilience; and
  3. to connect with other young people who know what it's like

With kids in mind, the program was designed to be fun, positive and engaging.

Cost: $15.00  Non-Members   |  $10.00 Members 

Dr Mike Maier is conducting these sessions free of charge, the workshop registration fee will cover administrative costs associated in running this program.


  1. Speld Qld Office, 141 Merton Road Woolloongabba, Qld, 4102
  2. North Shore Community Centre, 701 David Low Way, Mudjimba, Qld, 4564
  3. Toowoomba (location to be confirmed).

Dr Mike Maier will run these sessions on a periodic basis throughout the year based on demand.  Please complete the Expression of Interest Form below to register your interest.


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About Dr Mike Maier 

Dr Mike Maier has completed his doctoral research on learning disabilities and has completed well over 1,000 psychoeducational assessments for dyslexia and other learning problems. He feels privileged to have been able to support kids in many different roles and places over his career.  Find out more about Dr Mike Maier here.