Sounds Write Parent Information Session - Day session

1:00pm, 14th Aug 2018 - 1:45pm, 14th Aug 2018

Ainsley Robertson and Kylie Griffin

Speld Qld, 141 Merton Road, Woolloongabba, Qld 4102

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Is your child experiencing difficulties with learning to read and spell? Speld QLD can provide assistance.

At Speld QLD we are continually striving to provide quality assistance to individuals and families facing challenges acquiring literacy skills. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a new literacy program for students 9 – 15 years.

Commencing Term 4, 2018 we will be offering a ground breaking program called, Sounds-Write. Sounds-Write is an evidence-based linguistic program widely used throughout the U.K. and Western Australia providing successful outcomes for students learning to read and spell. Now Queenslanders, via Speld will have the opportunity to access the Sounds Write program at an affordable price.

Why Sounds-Write?

Effective intervention for students at all levels who have fallen behind in their reading and spelling.
Is a real phonics program that teaches in simple steps how the sounds of the language are represented by the writing system.
Teaches the three essential skills necessary for reading and spelling: segmenting, blending and phoneme(sound) manipulation.
Starting Term 4 2018 Speld QLD will be offering 1 hour group sessions (max 3 per group) during school term with a trained tutor.

Cost: $500 for a 10 week term and includes:

  • Free pre-assessment prior to commencement
    1 hour weekly, small group session
    Follow-up activities for home
    End of term reviews