Become a Specialist Teacher/Tutor

Are you interested in becoming a Speld Qld Specialist Teacher or Specialist Tutor?

Speld Qld is inviting registrations for our Specialist Teacher Register. 

If you are a teacher or specialist with experience providing literacy and numeracy support through evidence based programs and strategies, please complete a registration application.


Once you have completed and submitted your registration application form, Speld Qld will contact you to arrange a time for an informal interview. Face to face is preferrable, though where distance is a barrier, the interview will be conducted via Zoom.

Specialist Teacher interviews are conducted in week 3 and week 9 during Queensland State School Terms.  

Speld Specialist Teacher Fees:

Joining Date Fee
Term 1 $230.00   (Membership until 31 December)
Term 2 $230.00   (Membership until 31 December)
Term 3 $115.00    (Membership until 31 December)
Term 4 $230.00   (Membership for following year and compulsory PD fee)
Renewal $230.00   (Membership and compulsory PD fee)


What does a Speld Specialist Teacher do?

Aside from changing lives, a Speld Specialist Teacher is a dedicated role model, mentor, advocate, head cheerleader, coach and expert professional teacher for the students you work with.  Speld Specialist Teachers provide only evidence-based instruction and do so in a compassionate way using contemporary teaching practices.

What are the prerequisites for a Speld Specialist Teacher?

The requirements for becoming a Speld Specialist Teacher are in place to establish a minimum standard of professional experience and practice. Specialist teachers are expected to engage in lifelong learning and be involved in a continuous journey of professional reflection, improvement and development.

  • Current Qld Teacher Registration or equivalent relevant experience in specialist instruction as verified by Speld Qld
  • A Blue Card/ Blue Card Exemption (for teachers) Information obtained at
  • Minimum of two years full-time or 4 years part-time classroom experience or equivalent.
  • Satisfactory assessment of your application and an interview either face to face or video web conference.
  • Become a member of Speld Qld. Speld Qld Specialist Teacher Membership is paid annually from 1 January - 31 December.
  • Compulsory attendance at a PD workshop in Term 1 (unless travel distance is over 1 ½ hours from Woolloongabba).
  • Completion of Semester Progress Reports on each Speld student you worked with during the term.
  • Compliance with any administrative questions or communication requirements requested by Speld Qld

Modes of tuition Delivery

There are several ways you can offer Specialist literacy and numeracy services to families and students.  

  • Face to face in student's home
  • Face to face in student's school
  • Face to face in your classroom, office or home
  • Online tuition via live video web conferencing

Expectations of Speld Specialist Teachers

Speld Specialist Teachers are expected to make themselves available to receive referrals. While there may be periods of time where a teacher is “fully booked”, registration as Speld Specialist Teacher does imply a willingness and capacity to be available for incoming requests for Specialist Teachers. Of course, if you’re doing a great job, your Speld referred students will stick around and that’s great. However, if you are fully booked with students from sources or referrals other than Speld Qld then your registration with Speld Qld should be reconsidered.

Being a Speld Specialist Teacher should not occur in name only.  Registration isn’t for private marketing or to add to your resume of credentials and should only be renewed if your intention is to receive referrals or continue working with Speld referred students during the membership year. Communication with the Speld Qld is the best way to ensure that your availability or lack of availability is understood.

How does Speld Qld support you?

The Speld Qld team works alongside you as a peer and mentor, advocating for you as an expert specialist teacher. We support you by:

  • Listing on the Speld Qld Specialist Teacher Registry, with unlimited variations to listed profile.
  • Offering support and advice through our Education Advisors and CEO.
  • Coordinating professional development and training opportunities for Speld Specialist Teachers.
  • Advocating on behalf of Speld Specialist Teachers to raise their profile and recognition as specialists in their field.
  • Promoting the Speld Specialist Teacher services to the Qld Community.
  • Promoting the interests of Speld Qld in the Qld Community.
  • Developing Policy and Procedural documents to facilitate the growth and development of the Speld Specialist Teacher service.


Find out more about the Speld Specialist Teacher Service here