How Can We Help?

Advisory Line

Support, information and advice is offered to parents and other professionals

Assessment Service

Psychometric and Academic Assessments, are available to Members

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology available to support Children 

Specialist Teacher Service

Referral Service to an experienced and qualified Specialist Teacher

About Speld Qld

Speld Qld was founded in 1969 by Patricia Savage, an inspirational lady who wanted to ensure her child received the very best from education. Since its inception Speld Qld has grown and developed ensuring the needs of its members are met.

In October 2014, Speld rebadged and refocussed its attention, with a special promise to serve the members of Queensland, and ensure our services and professional development are offered through modern technology and are accessible for those in regional, rural and isolated areas of the State.

Speld Qld is a not for profit organisation receiving a small grant from Education Queensland to staff our 2 Educational Advisors and Executive Officer. They are supported by an Office Manager an Accountant and an Admin Assistant. We also co-ordinate 75 Specialist Teachers, and 8 Assessors who provide a service on behalf of Speld Qld.

Please take the time to learn more about Speld and our services through our website and if you require further information, please feel free to contact us on 3391 7900.


Celebrating 50 years in 2019

AUSPELD, the Australian Federation of SPELD Associations, is delighted to announce the release of the Roald Dahl Happy Reader Books, which have recently been made available at McDonald’s stores throughout Australia.
SPELD associations across Australia will be celebrating 50 years of service in 2019 and view the sharing of books as the ultimate way to celebrate this achievement. Collectively, they provide essential support and training in all States and Territories with a particular focus on ensuring better support for those children and adults who struggle with literacy.