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How Can We Help?

Advisory Line

Support, information and advice is offered to parents and other professionals

Assessment Service

Psychoeducational and Speech & Language Assessments, are available to Members

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology available to support Children 

Specialist Teacher Service

Referral Service to an experienced and qualified Specialist Teacher

About Speld Qld

Speld Qld has been supporting people with learning differences across the state for over 50 years. We provide educational advice, psychoeducational assessment, specialist teaching, assistive technology consultations, professional development, workshops and a specialist library. Speld Qld is also committed to providing services to regional and remote areas including psychoeducational assessment, assistive technology sessions, professional development online and Sounds Write training face-to-face. We are a not-for-profit organisation with a team of 17 psychologists, 5 education advisors, 2 Sounds Write trainers, 3 support staff, a librarian, a speech pathologist and a Chief Executive Officer. To find out more about our services please navigate to the How Can We Help tab or contact the office on 3391 7900.