Specialist Teacher Service

Speld Qld offers a service referring Speld Member families to qualified teachers for individualised instruction. All teachers and tutors that families are referred to have been interviewed and had their qualifications and references checked by our Specialist Teacher Coordinator. Specialist teachers are provided professional development and training opportunities throughout the year to ensure that their teaching remains up to date and based on current research and best practice.

Tuition offered by Specialist Teachers may take place either face-to face or online, depending on teacher availability in your area.

When submitting a Specialist Teacher Application you must be a financial Speld Qld Member and pay the $60.00 application administration fee.

This fee:

  • comes off your first tutoring session; or
  • is refunded if a suitable teacher cannot be allocated. Two weeks from the date of referral is allowed for all requests for refunds. 

Families seeking referral to a Speld Qld Specialist Teacher are encouraged to think flexibly when it comes to how your child will access the support of a specialist teacher.  As the number of teachers we have registered with us is limited these uniquely skilled teachers are in high demand.  Tuition may take place in any of the following ways depending on who accepts your referral request.  Tutors may offer tuition in any of the following ways:

  • Face to face in their office or clinic
  • Face to face in your home
  • Face to face at your child’s school
  • Online via live video web conferencing

Please keep an open mind and be prepared to explore possibilities with your teacher or tutor when they get in touch. Specialist teachers are contractors, not employees of Speld Qld, so the terms of sale are negotiated directly between families and teacher/tutors. Speld Qld provides the referral details for the nearest teacher/tutor to you and you and the teacher then negotiate the terms of your tuition.


Specialist Teacher Applications may take up to 2 weeks to be processed.  




Find out more about our services through our online service modules.

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