Literacy Support

Research explains the most effective way for students to develop accurate decoding and spelling skills is through engagement in a structured, synthetic (linguistic) phonics program. There are a few evidence-based, parent friendly programs in the list below:

Toe By Toe

Beat Dyslexia

Nessy Reading and Spelling


There are also many resources to help support phonics programs and some companies have recently, generously offered some of these resources for free. Click on a link below to be redirected to the corresponding page.

PLD Workbooks

Free Sounds-Write resources

Little Learners Love Literacy

Free Teach This Activity Packs

Book Depository Home Schooling ideas


There are many other resources available for purchase to add to phonics instruction to enhance and revise learning.

Talisman cards

Talisman cards are available through our online shop. These can be found at the very end of our phonics books catalogue. These are a fun take on UNO using spelling words grouped by sound. Our students at Speld love these games. Click here to view our phonics books catalogue.

Rules Rule

Rules Rule is a helpful text containing worksheets to help students learn the many spelling rules of English. This is available through our online shop. Click here to view Rules Rule.

Trugs: Teaching Reading Using Games

TRUGS cards are also great fun and the whole family can get involved in these three simple games repeated with increasing word complexity and sound progression. They are available from a number of websites. Click here to view.


Spelfabet is a fantastic website full of excellent information and some free and reasonably priced downloadable resources. Click here to view.

Achieve Now – Empowering Dyslexics

Achieve Now – Empowering Dyslexics is a UK based organisation committed to providing free and high-quality resources to parents and teachers supporting Dyslexic students. Achieve Now founder Caroline Bateman has put together a selection of comprehensive and free eBooks which draw together the best resources for Dyslexic learners. Click here to view

Home Learning with PLD

PLD offer free literacy workbooks targeting students from Prep – year 6. Perfect support for the countless parents who are making the move to online learning at home. These resources contain
parent education videos, detailed instructions and downloadable resources, games, flash cards and posters. Click here to view

Teach This

Teach This have put together some excellent home learning packs in response to the sudden shift to online learning. The packs range from pre-school to year 6 and cover everything from Maths and English to reward charts and hand washing procedures. Click here to view

Book Depository

Book Depository have put together a summary of Home Learning book recommendations. The suggestions range from books to read with your children, contemporary and classic, subject textbooks and workbooks, publisher pages with key home learning titles and much more. Click here to view

The Literacy Blog

The Literacy Blog (Free Sounds Write resources) have put together a helpful article which steps readers through free resources available from Sounds Write. The resources include Udemy courses designed to help parents teach their children to read and write, online decodable readers, activity books and a free 60-page e-book with a selection of games. Click here to view

Lessons in my Jim Jams

Lyn Stone from Lifelong Literacy will be running live literacy sessions via Zoom starting from Monday the 30th of March at 11am. These sessions will be recorded for the benefit of children everywhere so if you don’t wish to be recorded please Turn OFF your camera for the lesson. Watch the video from Lyn about what to expect and how to join or view the session.

Flyleaf Publishing

Flyleaf Publishing have set up an online portal specifically designed to assist parents and students with learning during school closures. The site is split into an area for students and an area for instructors. The resources are organised using the Phonics Scope and Sequence. Click here to view

Speld SA (Phonemic Awareness Tasks)

Speld SA have compiled a series of engaging activities including sound discrimination tasks and bingo cards designed to develop phonemic awareness in children. The activities are grouped together in a structured sequence ranging from Set 1: s, a, t, I, p, n, through to Set 7: qu, ou, oi, ur, er, ar.  Click here to view


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