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Rules Rule by Dr Lillian Fawcett

Spelling tends to be taught in schools using visual memory, with little application of the rules. 85% of English words follow the 45 rules presented in this book.

This book consists of three sections:

  • Two sets of rule cards - for you to laminate and cut into cards to practice each of the rules outlined in the book.
  • Nonsense Word Activities - 28 nonsense word exercises to practice the application of the rules. 
  • Real Word Activities - 44 real word exercises to reinforce the application of the rules.

The use of nonsense words is particularly effective for learning to apply rules to words as the student cannot rely on prior knowledge of how the word is spelled.

Rules Rule has explicit instructions to help parents teach their children the rules in a sequential way, and the photocopiable version is a great resource for teachers and schools.

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