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Teach Your Monster to Read

Oz Phonics

Sounds Write Initial Code

Writing Wizard

RED Writing


Phonological Awareness

Detecting discriminating and accessing speech sounds.

Sound Salad

Word Chain

Reading Doctor

Sound Literacy

Funny Phonemes

Sounds Write Initial Code

Nessy Product Suite

Nessy have a wide range of learning programs and apps which are specifically designed for students with learning difficulties. Speld Qld Members can access discount to a variety of apps (excluding already discounted items). Click here to learn more about accessing your discount.

The Nessy Hairy Letters range are a series of multisensory games to assist in developing phonemic awareness. Learning phonics is the best way to learn to read and spell!

Nessy Product Suite

Hairy Letters

Hairy Phonics 1

Hairy Phonics 2

Hairy Phonics 3


Sentence Structure

Rainbow Sentences

Sentence Builder

Clicker Sentences

Reading Raven HD



A+ Spelling Test

Clicker Docs

Typ-O HD - Writing is for Everybody!


Co:Writer Universal

Read&Write for iPad

Ghotit - I got it right



HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

Speech with Milo: Sequencing


Graphic Organisers

Graphic Organisers can assist students at the planning stage of their writing. There are many free examples available.

The link below contains a few good examples.



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