Learning at Home

As a pandemic sweeps across the world, schools have been forced to change their way of delivering education to their students and as a result, many parents now find themselves being asked to assist their children to learn from home.  Much guidance and programming has been provided by schools to families, however students who experience a learning difference may find they are now missing the support of their learning support teachers and teacher assistants. Speld QLD would like to help these students. Speld QLD has been supporting people with a learning difference for 50 years and students with learning differences require even more support during this challenging time.
The information in the links below have been complied to assist parents in supporting their children in literacy and mathematics.



Literacy Support


Mathematics Support


Assistive Technology Support


Decodable Readers


Develop Writing Skills


The staff of Speld QLD are here to help and we sincerely hope the links and information above help you not only survive, but enjoy the times ahead working with your children at home and sharing their learning journey.

For more specialised advice for your own child and family, please contact one of our Education Advisors on 3391 7900.