Assistive Technology Support

Here are some links to how to make your devices dyslexia friendly in the event we will have to move to online learning.

How to make the PC/Laptop friendly for learning

How To Guide

How to make the iPad/Mac friendly for learning

How To Guide

Resources to assist with accessing written materials online

Use Speak mode on eBooks or iBooks to turn any book into an audiobook


Turn books into audiobooks

Google Chrome extensions which help with reading and writing: Natural Reader

Natural Reader text to speech


Grammarly for Chrome

Read and Write

Read Write for Google Chrome

Distiller DOM Reader

Simplify websites and remove ads and pictures

DOM Distiller Reading Mode

Writing Tools for assignments.
Helps students define difficult words, simplifies text, highlights different parts of speech:



Online Summarising Tool 

This tool allows students to copy a lengthy or complex body of text and summarise it for ease of reading.



If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing any of our links, please let us know by email: