Our Generous Sponsors

Speld Qld has Sponsorship Opportunities for 2020.  Email speld@speld.org.au to find out how you can support Speld Qld in 2020.


Coopers Brewery Foundation

Thanks to the Coopers Brewery Foundation, Speld Qld received funding for training and delivery of the Sounds-Write program at Speld Qld. Sounds-Write is an evidence-based, highly structured, synthetic phonics program delivered at Speld Qld in both one-on-one and small group settings. Sounds-Write is suitable for children, youth and adults.  Find out more about this program and how Speld Qld can assist here 

Funding received will be directed to teacher training, specialised reading books, teaching guides, stationary and photocopying for the Sounds-Write workshops held at our office.

Our sincere thanks to the Coopers Brewery Foundation for its generous support of Speld QLD and Queenslanders with learning differences. 




Civic Solutions

In late 2018, Speld Qld received a generous donation of $50,000 from Civic Solutions. This has enabled us to undertake additional assessments of children and young people who have learning differences and, subsequently, provide them with a comprehensive program of support in their local communities.


Brisbane Airport

Thanks to the Brisbane Airport Community Giving Fund, Speld QLD Inc. will be able to purchase stationery to assist us to continue our vital work to increase literacy in Queensland including:

  • producing learning materials for workshops, professional development/training, tutoring and reading programs
  • producing advertising brochures for Speld QLD and its programs
  • posting library resources and learning materials to clients in rural, remote and regional Queensland
  • recording academic and psychometric assessments
  • general administration

Our sincere thanks to the Brisbane Airport Community Giving Fund for its generous support of Speld QLD and Queenslanders with learning differences. 



The Honda Foundation

Thanks to The Honda Foundation, Speld QLD Inc. has now purchased a C-Pen Reader Classroom Set of 10 scan pens. 

In 2019, Speld celebrates 50 years of service to clients throughout Queensland who have a learning difference so this grant was a very timely addition to our services. 

The class set of C-Pens will allow us to support so many more students access the curriculum and succeed as others do. Speld QLD can now run classes to teach people how to use the C-Pens and utilise them as a tool in learn to read workshops. This will greatly benefit Queenslanders with learning difficulties. 

Recently we held a professional development session with the C-Pens and the following is just a snapshot of the feedback received. 

• I can immediately see how this will help my child in the classroom. 

• I knew I was in the right place when I cried in the first 20 minutes 

• I can't wait to go back to school and help my boy, read/write/self-confidence 

Our sincere thanks to The Honda Foundation for its generous support of Speld QLD and Queenslanders with learning differences.