Our Generous Sponsors

Speld Qld has four Sponsorship Opportunities for 2018.  Email speld@speld.org.au to find out how you can support Speld Qld in 2018.



Clem Jones Foundation

In May 2014, Speld Qld received a generous donation of $20,000 from the Clem Jones Foundation. This has enabled us to create a new website so we can improve our services to the public and in particular our members, both metropolitan and regional. We sincerely thank the Clem Jones Foundation for their very generous support.











City of Ipswich

In July 2015, Ipswich City Council donated an office space for one year in Ipswich City for Speld Qld Assessments to take place. This offers families an alternative location to Brisbane and we sincerely thank the Ipswich City Council for their support.