Request a Specialist Teacher/Tutor

Speld Qld offers a service referring Speld Member families to qualified teachers for individualised instruction. This may take place either face-to face or online.

Our teachers are trained in a range of multi-sensory programs including Cracking the ABC Code and Learnersaurus.


Apply for a Speld Specialist Teacher / Tutor

Members can apply for a Specialist Teacher or Tutor by completing an Online Application Form using the link below.

Please note that this service is limited to our Members only. If you are not already a Member, please Register for Membership first.  



There is a $60.00 administration fee to be paid at the time of application.  This fee will be reimbursed by the Specialist Teacher/Tutor at your first teaching session. 

Your fee will be refunded if a suitable teacher cannot be allocated. Two weeks from the date of referral is allowed for all requests for refunds.


You can view a PDF copy of the Application Form here, though please note that only the online form below will be processed.


Applications take between 2-3 weeks to be processed.


We currently have teachers in:

  • Brisbane Metropolitan area
  • Manly area (limited availability)
  • Forest Lake (very limited availability)
  • Narangba/Woody Point (limited availability)
  • Townsville (Literacy only)
  • Logan (new Teacher available)
  • Warwick (new Teacher available)
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast (Maroochy River area)
  • Toowoomba
  • Maths (limited availability)



Specialist Teacher / Tutor Application Form    

Please be aware that Speld Specialist Teachers and Tutors may not know their availability until Week 2 of term, after their returning students have first been organised.


This form is crucial to provide the Specialist Teacher Coordinator with information before they contact you to:

  • to talk further about you/your child and answer any questions/concerns
  • ascertain a clear picture of you/your child's needs and location
  • make a referral to a Speld Specialist Teacher or Tutor

The Specialist Teacher Coordinator works two days per week, please allow two to three weeks for your form to be processed.



What do I do when I have been given the details of a Specialist Teacher / Tutor?

Please contact the teacher directly to make arrangements for the time and day of the lessons to take place. Bear in mind that there is a shortage of quality teachers and some sacrifices/ changes in timetable may be required to fit in with teachers. Please try to contact the teacher promptly to ensure the session is not reallocated.

What is the difference between a Specialist Teacher and Tutor?

 A Speld Specialist Teacher is a current Qld Registered Teacher with a minimum of two full time years of classroom experience. A Speld Tutor will have a minimum of two years full time classroom experience or equivalent.  Both hold a current Blue Card to work with children. Both Specialist Teachers and Tutors undergo an interview process with the Coordinator before they are placed on our register and are required to attend Professional Development sessions to maintain their Membership.

Will the Specialist Teacher / Tutor come to my house?

Some of our SpT / Tutors will travel to students’ homes. Some teachers require families to travel to them, or will meet for lessons in a local library, some are willing to go into schools to conduct the sessions. We do try to refer families to someone who can meet their location needs; however, sometimes this is not possible. Some schools allow Speld Teachers to come to the school and we would try to refer you to someone who can work in school hours.

How much will the tutoring cost?

Speld does not employ the Specialist Teacher, but acts as the referral service. The recommended hourly cost is $70.00 - $90.00 for Specialist Teacher's and $60.00 - $70.00 for Tutors. The Speld Teachers will let you know their fee when you call them. Some Teachers may charge for missed lessons as they have allocated that time slot to a particular student for the whole term.

What will the Specialist Teacher / Tutor do with my child?

It is expected that the Specialist Teacher will do some basic testing initially and will then devise an individual support plan for the student with manageable goals. Progress can then be recorded against the base testing.
‘More of the same’ type of work given at school, and even in support programs at school, many times is not helpful for students with learning differences. A multi-sensory approach is needed, and ‘going back to basics’ is required to ‘fill in the gaps’. For reading, explicit teaching of phonics, going back to single sounds, then progressing to blends and digraphs is required. Speld Specialist Teachers will not usually just help with school homework for a Primary student, but will rather design an intervention program in literacy or numeracy. A Teacher may follow programs such as Alpha to Omega, Hickey Multi-sensory Language Program, Cracking the ABC Code or Learnersaurus. Speld Specialist Teachers are required to inform Speld when they start and stop working with a student referred to them through us and must complete a Report Summary at the end of each Semester. This report must also be given to the parents.

Why do I need to join Speld Qld to be referred to a Specialist Teacher / Tutor?

Speld Qld has a responsibility to ensure that a quality teaching service that adheres to the ethos of the organisation is delivered to each student. The only way that this can be achieved is by both the teacher and the student being members of speld and the program implemented is monitored by the Executive Officer and Specialist Teacher Advisor of Speld.

Speld Qld receives many requests for Specialist Teachers and Tutors. Due to the number of enquiries and in order to continue to provide a quality service, this referral service is limited to members only.

As a Member, both student and Teacher/Tutor are covered by Public Liability Insurance and membership must be maintained over the course of the tutoring to keep this cover.


What if I am not happy with the allocated Specialist Teacher / Tutor I am referred to?

In some cases there may be a miss match between a child and a Specialist Teacher/Tutor. We encourage you to get back to us at any time if you feel this has happened in your case. We are very keen to make sure that everyone is happy with the professional service provided by Speld Qld. Please contact the Specialist Teacher Advisor at or the Executive Officer at to ensure this situation is remediated immediately.


How does online teaching work?

Speld Qld promotes face to face teaching and only one to one ratio of teacher to student.

However, for students in remote and rural Australia who may wish to access our Specialist Teacher tutor service an online program may be the only option.

In this case with consultation from the Speld office this form of tutoring can be offer with the use of Elluminate and Blackboard Collaborate which are free software programs that operate much like Skype. The teachers and students can see each other, hear each other (with a slight delay) and can both read and write off an interactive ‘whiteboard’. This has proven to be an effective way of helping students with learning difficulties/disabilities.

Speld has a very limited number of Teachers able to offer this service.

Home requirements for online teaching

  • Laptop/computer with good quality broadband internet access
  • USB microphone headset - Logitech is a good brand
  • Camera installed on computer
  • Student to be familiar with the keyboard
  • Online teaching must take place with a parent present in the same room for the duration of the lesson.


Download this information in PDF form.