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The Specialist Teacher Service is available to current financial Members of Speld Qld.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Speld Qld Membership is for a full 12 month period and is not refunded if you are unable to find a suitable Speld Specialist Teacher. Teachers are available online if one is not located close enough to you for face to face tuition.

Speld Qld maintains a register of qualified specialist Teachers and Tutors who provide individual tutoring for children and adults across Queensland.

Speld Qld Teachers/Tutors are appropriately trained in evidence-based teaching approaches designed to improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills and must attend ongoing Professional Development to remain listed as a Speld Qld Teacher/Tutor.

Speld Qld Membership is required to access tutoring or to become a Teacher/Tutor. 

Financial Speld Qld Members can access the Speld Specialist Teacher Register to search and connect with our Speld Specialist Teachers/Tutors directly by email or telephone.

Families seeking to engage a Speld Qld Specialist Teacher/Tutor are encouraged to think flexibly when it comes to how your child will access the support of a Specialist Teacher/Tutor.  As the number of Teachers we have registered with us is limited and these uniquely skilled teachers are in high demand. 

Specialist Teachers/Tutors may offer tuition in any of the following ways:

  • Face to face in their office or clinic
  • Face to face in your home
  • Face to face at your child’s school
  • Online via live video web conferencing

Please keep an open mind and be prepared to explore possibilities with your teacher or tutor when they get in touch. Specialist Teachers are Members, not employees of Speld Qld, so the terms of sale are negotiated directly between families and teacher/tutors. Speld Qld provides access to the details of our recommended Teachers/Tutors, however, families must connect and then negotiate the terms of your tuition directly with the Teacher/Tutor.

Before searching and selecting a Specialist Teacher, please keep in mind:

  • There is a limited number of teachers in our registry and you may only have one teacher in your local area to choose from.
  • Speld Specialist Teachers do not typically offer homework or assignment help.  They are specialist instructors who address the foundation issues relating to a student's literacy and numeracy difficulties.
  • The majority of our Specialist Teachers and tutors work with primary and middle school students. While we do have a limited number of specialists who work with senior students, please keep in mind that this is a small number of teachers in our network.
  • Speld Specialist Teachers and tutors are highly skilled and experienced literacy and/or numeracy experts with many years of teaching experience and specialist qualifications and training.
  • All teachers are independent and not employees of Speld Qld.  You will need to negotiate the terms of sale and service direct with the teacher.
  • You must be a financial member of Speld Qld to access the referral service.  If you are not a member and you access a Speld Specialist, neither you or the teacher will be covered by public liability insurance.
  • All Speld Specialist Teachers should be able to show current, valid certification of their credentials both digitally or in hard copy.  Please check if you are uncertain.  Teachers will not be offended if you ask to see their credentials.

If uncertain or in need of assistance, please contact to confirm a teacher has valid registration.

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