What is Kindy?

What is Kindy?

Kindergarten (Kindy) is a part-time educational program for children in the year before Prep (the first year of school in Queensland). Kindy is a place where children will make friends, explore new environments, build confidence and have fun learning. Kindy offers meaningful experiences and interactions that support childrens’ early learning, wellbeing and development, now and into the future.

Kindergarten teachers and educators use a range and balance of strategies to extend children’s thinking and play in emergent and planned learning experiences across the kindy day. Kindy children have the opportunity for:

  • Making friends, collaborating and playing with others
  • Imagining and expressing themselves through art, dance and dramatic play
  • Building independence through decision making and negotiation
  • Strengthening their confidence and resilience
  • Communicating ideas and feelings
  • Building on their knowledge and exploring new ideas through investigations and play
  • Developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills

Read more about what Kindy is here.

Speld Qld fully endorses the importance and significant benefits of children attending Kindy in the year prior to formal schooling beginning.  Speld supports inclusive practices that allow all children to access a quality kindergarten program. 


Support for Educators

As a provider for the Kindy Inclusion Service, Speld Qld offers free support and professional development to all Kindy services in Queensland to enhance educators’ understanding of inclusive practices.

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Support for Parents

Click here for parent resources about Kindy