Kindy Inclusion Service

Kindy Inclusion Service

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Speld Queensland is a service provider for the Kindy Inclusion Service.  The scope of the program is described by the Department of Education as aiming to enhance the participation, inclusion and learning and development outcomes of kindergarten children with additional needs, within their educational setting. Support services within this program are free of charge to approved kindergarten programs across Queensland. 

In Australia, up to 1 in 10 people have a learning disability.  The most common ones are a Specific Learning Disorder with an Impairment in Reading (Dyslexia), a Specific Learning Disorder with an Impairment in Writing (Dysgraphia) and a Specific Learning Disorder with an Impairment in Maths (Dyscalculia).  Development Language Disorder (DLD) can also impact the learning growth of individuals.  1 in 14 learners have DLD.   Many of these disabilities will not be formally diagnosed until students are in primary school, though signs and symptoms can be present in the early childhood years.  Early intervention is crucial. 

Kindergarten services are in a very strong position to support students who may have a potential learning disability.  Prioritising teaching and support practices that are protective and inclusive for all students ensures all Kindy learners, particularly those with language challenges and/or a potential learning disability, can transition to school with the skills they need to reach their potential.


Support Services

Kindy services can access specialist support from Speld Qld as part of the Kindy Inclusion Service. Our support is focused on enhancing early childhood educators' understanding of learning disabilities and increasing their capacity to support children through universal and targeted evidence-based practice. All professional development and support services are free of charge.

Support services included…

  • An advisory service (phone/email) with Education Advisors and Speech Pathologists 
  • A suite of professional development workshops
    (On-site and online delivery) 
  • Modelled learning experiences in your service
  • Service visits for collaborative planning
  • Regional visits for rural services
  • Specialist Kindy library with professional texts and resources


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