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16th Aug 2018, 5:30pm Presented by Ainsley Robertson and Kylie Griffin $0.00 Non-Members

Interested in the Sounds Write Program for your student? Join us to learn about this exciting new initiative.

30th Aug 2018, 9:00am Presented by Leslie Keast-Patch $180.00 Members | $225.00 Non-Members

Often when a learner struggles with reading and spelling, the teacher aide is the one who provides a large amount of support. Providing the appropriate strategies and shared language to support the...

31st Aug 2018, 9:00am Presented by Leslie Keast-Patch $180.00 Members | $225.00 Non-Members

In the workshop you will build on your knowledge and understanding of the dyslexic learner and how to best support them in the classroom, particularly with reading, spelling and writing tasks.

17th Sep 2018, 6:00pm Presented by Speld Qld $0.00 Non-Members

Speld Qld welcomes you to attend our Annual General Meeting.

16th Oct 2018, 9:00am Presented by Ainsley Robertson $120.00 Members | $160.00 Non-Members

This workshop explores what assistive technology is and how it can bring independence, confidence and joy to learning.

2nd Nov 2018, 9:00am Presented by Judy Hornigold $180.00 Members | $225.00 Non-Members

This one-day workshop will explore how the Singapore approach to teaching maths can meet the needs of children with dyscalculia and general Maths Difficulties.

22nd Nov 2018, 9:00am Presented by Marion McMahon $120.00 Members | $160.00 Non-Members

In this practical full-day workshop the highly regarded Understanding Learning Difficulties Guide will be reviewed and effective ways to make use of it explored.