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18th Oct 2018, 9:00am Presented by Courtney McNally $360.00 Members | $450.00 Non-Members

T4W has the potential to dramatically improve students’ writing. The approach also offers students with learning and language difficulties an opportunity to develop stronger writing skills.

2nd Nov 2018, 9:00am Presented by Judy Hornigold $180.00 Members | $225.00 Non-Members

This one-day workshop will explore how the Singapore approach to teaching maths can meet the needs of children with dyscalculia and general Maths Difficulties.

22nd Nov 2018, 9:00am Presented by Marion McMahon $120.00 Members | $160.00 Non-Members

In this practical full-day workshop the highly regarded Understanding Learning Difficulties Guide will be reviewed and effective ways to make use of it explored.