The Program:

Sounds-Write is an evidence-based linguistic program widely used throughout the U.K. and Western Australia providing successful outcomes for students learning to read and spell. Many enthusiastic and creative students have already taken part in this program at Speld Qld. They have worked diligently with their coaches to improve their literacy skills, enjoying engagement with other students and sharing their experiences of living with a learning difference.

Why Sounds-Write?

  • Effective intervention for students at all levels who have fallen behind in their reading and spelling.
  • Is a real phonics program that teaches in simple steps how the sounds of the language are represented by the writing system.
  • Teaches the three essential skills necessary for reading and spelling: segmenting, blending and phoneme (sound) manipulation.

Literacy Coaches

Speld Qld Literacy Coaches are experienced registered Teachers who are trained in delivering the Sounds-Write program.


Sessions are conducted Mondays to Thursdays from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, subject to availability during School Terms.


Sessions are conducted at the Speld Qld Office, 141 Merton Road, Woolloongabba, Qld, 4102.


Individual sessions cost $85 per session with a minimum 9 week enrolment, plus the cost of Speld Qld Membership for those families who are not already financial members.

Payment requirements

The first two tutoring sessions ($170.00) and 12 month Membership Fee ($77.00) is required at the time of booking. An invoice will be emailed to you, along with the confirmation of your booking with payment due by your first session. Payment for the remaining 7 sessions will be invoiced and due by your third session.

Tutuoring sessions will not be provided until outstanding payments have been made.

This cost includes:

  • Pre-assessment prior to commencement
  • 45 minute weekly individual lessons
  • Follow-up activities for home
  • Session feedback and advice from your experienced Literacy Coach

Cancellations and catch-up sessions

It is essential for families to commit to the Sounds-Write program for the agreed duration of 9 weeks. This secures your sessions for the school term and ensures smooth running of the program and time to see progress and success for the student.

Please ensure you contact your tutor as soon as possible if you cannot attend your session as the following cancellation guidelines apply:

  • An Early Cancel is regarded as notice being given to the tutor or to Speld before 9am on the day of the scheduled lesson. In the case of an Early Cancel, a catch-up session will be arranged if a mutually convenient time can be organised. Week 10 of each term is set aside for these make-up lessons but they may occur earlier if a time can be agreed on. We can provide one make-up lesson per student per term.
  • A Late Cancel occurs when no notice is given to the tutor or to Speld about a student not being able to attend their scheduled lesson or if the notice is after 9am on the day of the lesson. In these cases, the session is missed and the fee paid for that session is forfeited and no catch-up session will be allocated.
  • If the Literacy Coach is unable to attend the session, Speld Qld will provide a minimum of 5 hours notice and will arrange a catch-up session at a mutually convenient time.

Please complete the Sounds-Write Enrolment Form below.

Sounds-Write Enrolment Form