An effective Reading and Spelling Initiative...

Speld Qld is inviting Queensland students (aged 9-15 years) to enrol in their most affordable and effective program to date.  Starting in Term 4 Speld Qld will offer 1 hour, weekly, small group (max 3 students) phonics-based literacy sessions.  

‘Sounds-Write’ is an evidence-based program that has been responsible for dramatically lifting reading and spelling ability in many schools across the UK and Western Australia.  Now Queensland students, via Speld Qld will have the opportunity to access this program and to finally find success.

The, ‘Sounds-Write’ program features the essential elements that leading government and non-government reviews over the past 15 years into the effective teaching of reading and spelling have recommended teachers follow. Within the, ‘Sounds-Write’ program the three essential skills necessary for reading and spelling (segmenting, blending and phoneme/sound manipulation) are learned. Put simply, ‘Sound-Write’ is a highly effective reading and spelling program appropriate for students at all levels.  It is a particularly effective program for those who have fallen behind in their reading and spelling and/or experience a language-based disorder such as dyslexia.

Ainsley Robertson and Kylie Griffin (pictured) are the two key Speld Qld, ‘Sounds-Write’ trained teachers who will be running this program.  They invite those interested in finding out more or wishing to enrol a student to contact the Speld Qld office.


Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”  Barack Obama