Moon Dog Series

  • Moon Dog Series
  • Moon Dog Series
  • Moon Dog Series
  • Moon Dog Series
  • Moon Dog Series
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The Moon Dog series is designed for older students who would benefit from starting at the very beginning of learning alphabet sounds.

The series is designed around a group of teenage friends who are in a band and offers short, humorous stories about their lives. This series precedes the Magic Belt series.


Set 1 introduces the sounds of the alphabet in the order of:

Book 1:  Is it Matt? (s, a, t, i, m)

Book 2: Tam has a nap (n, o, p)

Book 3: Sim and the Bat (b, c g, h)

Book 4: Ned, the Cat (d, e, f, g)

Book 5: Kip's bad leg (k, l, r, u)

Book 6: Jed's bag (j, w, z)

Book 7: The big hill (x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz)

Book 8: Ned is bad (CVC)

One line of text per page allows the reader to develop successful decoding strategies. Letters introduced are included in every new book for practise and consolidation.


Set 2 introduces words with adjacent consonants and consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, ng, qu and wh.

Book 1: Hot Sun (sequence: CVC)

Book 2: The Old Lap (sequence: VCC, CVCC)

Book 3: The Glum Cat (sequence: CCVC)

Book 4: Jed Swims (sequence: CCVCC)

Book 5: Chips for Lunch (sequence: ch)

Book 6: A Wish (sequence: sh)

Book 7: The Thing on the Path (sequence: th, ng)

Book 8: Drum Sticks (sequence: ck, qu) 


Complete your set with the practical workbooks with activities to complement the stories in the Moon Dog Series.